Notice to the Investors

This Notice issued on behalf of our client I-Max Capital Solutions, 10/16, 92nd Street, Ashok Nagar, Chennai - 600 083, says that the company preferred an Writ Petition for police protection and to appoint an committee to disburse the investments made by the investors in W.P No.21085 of 2019 and the same was allowed on 28.08.2019 by the Hon’ble High Court and the Hon’ble High Court has pleased to appoint Hon’ble Mr.Justice. K.Venkatraman (retired judge of the Hon’ble High Court of Madras) as head of the Committee to disburse the investments to the rightful investors.

The crux of the order as follows :

1. The Committee shall start functioning from 2nd week of September.
2. The committee shall identify an office space at Chennai to enable the committee to carry on its function. (However we suggested the committee to function in I max office at Chennai).
3. The settlement process will be executed by further directions of the committee.
4. The settlement process announced earlier by the company stands withheld, since the Hon’ble High Court has appointed a Committee headed by Hon’ble Mr.Justice K. Venkataraman (Retired) which will decide the manner in which the deposite are going to be repaid back to the customers.

Hence, on behalf of the company I request the investors asked to remain calm till further notices given by the Hon’ble Committee .

Legal Team

(I-Max Capital Solutions)