About Us

Our firm utilizes a macroeconomic financial model and process known as the LEAP (Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process) System. It allows us to stay in tune with the constant change the world presents while assisting in making numerous and challenging financial decisions in the most efficient manner possible. The task can be complex as well as time consuming with too much information leading to financial paralysis.

It is imperative to have an advocate who can help you by using the most accurate and beneficial strategies available. Through the use of the WIM Software, we provide analyses and solutions utilizing macro and micro economic verification for all types of assets and strategies. These include but are not limited to:

  • Risk Management
  • Insurance
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Business and Succession Planning
  • Estate & Trust Evaluation
  • Wealth Management
  • Real Estate

We have professional alliances with many providers and can recommend them to you as needed. We will also work with your current providers to assure that all of your planning is coordinated properly for your maximum benefit. Compensation to our firm is earned as fee‐based or commission-based.

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E-Mail : info@i-maxcs.com

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